About Us

A Comprehensive web -based School Management System

Our Mission

"We want to see more students succeed academically and in life. Enabling fast access to detailed data, we foster an approach that encourages the community to work together for the benefit of the child."

        Acads360 India Pvt Ltd., an experienced company that thinks outside the box, designed PTM360 to focus on digitalizing work that is done by educational facilities. Offering digital solutions to all kinds of educational institutions, we work to help these institutions drive on their core values while incorporating the most current state of the art solutions.

        Our software professionals have hands-on experience in various aspects of software development and its lifecycle. We take pride in focusing on providing superior services to educational institutions around the world. Our experts would carefully analyze your needs so we can offer the best solutions plus a roadmap that is complimentary to your strategies.

        Here at Acads360, we are concerned about those we conduct business with and we always look forward to the possibility of partnering with you so we can complement your ideas and improve success rates.

Application Software and Development Services 90%

Web Application Development 90%

Mobile Apps Development 90%

Total Site IT Management 90%

Why Choose Us..?

       Institution Digitalization

Digitization of education and automating the activities performed by different educational institutions give them additional time to emphasize on student development. Schools have limited space and parents want fast, easy access to information. Institution digitalization provides for that, enabling access to information wherever and whenever while schools don't have to spend time and money on storage and upkeep.


Our strategy is to offer a superior product with impeccable service so schools, teachers and students can all grow and develop on multiple levels. We provide initial setup, but we also stand by you throughout the years with maintenance and technical support services.