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Parent Teacher Management

An intelligent communication system for students, parents and teachers with a real time updates


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All the Details a Parent Needs

PTM 360 was engineered so it can inspire parents as well as educators by placing emphasis on data-driven decisions. The challenges and opportunities that students face are highlighted while forming conversation this community wide.

All of these people want to see students succeed, so working together can improve the results! Each of these people play a different role in the students life, so they have different observations.

Easy Customization for Schools

PTM 360 modules are designed with plug and play mechanism. Schools can customize their requirement for more desirable result.

Simple, Fast and Easy to Use

This school management application's simplest and effective design is very easy to use. It can be used with smartphones, desktop and tablets.

Accurate data driven recommendations

Engineered to inspire parents as well as educators by placing emphasis on data driven decisions.

Cloud Computing

PTM360 is designed to provide secure hosting in cloud computing storage without requiring institutions to maintain their own servers or worry about upgrades. You can use this student management app without experiencing major expense or inconvenience related to maintenance and operation of the app.

Customized reports

Every school can create easy to read school report that are customized with their own style, calculation and format. School report cards can easily be distributed digitally so parents can access them wherever they are at their convenience. With the data driven predictions that are provided through the reports, you can come up with the best scenarios to improve student results.

School Bus Tracking

PTM360 also includes a school bus tracking solution that provides real-time bus tracking in schools location of your child while he or she is in transit to the school and back. You can also be provided with an estimated time of arrival for the bus so your child doesn't have to waste time waiting for the bus.

Mobile Apps

Growth is expected to go currently from 2.5 billion to 30 billion smart devices being used by 2020. Keeping this exponential growth in mind, PTM360 is built from the ground up for platforms usage that make accessibility easy and convenient. Data can be retrieved from any smart device anywhere in the world.

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